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We have had so much fun videoing, taking pictures and releasing big fish. It is more fun when you release a big fish because you know it is out there for someone else to enjoy. I have had so many clients comment that the pictures and videos are more fun than actually having a mounted fish on the wall. And if you really want a mount how about trying a replica? This trophy 42 inch pike was caught by Kristi Lysinger. The Lysinger family has been booking trips for years and usually someone ends up with a trophy fish. This was a very windy day and the battle went on for about 15 minutes before we boated this beautiful pike. We let it revive in the live well to regain its strength for about 10 minutes, then snapped a few pictures and released it. New video cameras such as a GoPro, etc., are inexpensive and easy to use. Give it a try the next time you are on the water. The process of videoing the fish also adds enjoyment and sometimes a lot of laughs to your trip. Good Fishing. Captain Jim Muzynoski / 406-539-2069