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The Captains’ Walleye Boot Camps – For 2018 Sign up now!

For the past several years Captains Dale Gilbert and Jim Muzynoski, Montana guides for Montana River Outfitters and past PWT Pros, have teamed up to offer a “Weekend Walleye Boot Camp” for anglers to teach Anglers how to find and catch Walleye.

The emphasis has been to focus on how to locate fish fast, and how to choose the correct strategy a day presentation for the situation. Learn when you should make a change from one presentation to another. Watch firsthand how to use electronics and maps to eliminate unproductive water. We also discuss boat handling, safety, and rigging.

The Walleye Boot Camps have been a two day session, with registration and orientation starting the evening prior and included time both on and off the water with Dale and Jim over the next two days. Strategizing sessions are held each day, before and after hitting the water for some actual hands on experience to learn about the techniques they use and why.

There are a limited number of slots available for each Boot Camp location and date. The participants will be split into 2 groups. Each group will get to spend a day with Jim and a day with Dale in their rigs – Jim has a new 219 Lund Pro-V – one of the new glass Lund boats and Dale is running the new Lund 2175 Pro-V, both powered by the supercharged 350hp Mercury Verado outboards. Dale has top of the line Lowrance HDS units with the new StrutureScan 3D and DownScan, and the MotorGuide Xi5 with Gateway Connect and Smartsteer interface with Lowrance HDS units. Jim runs the top end Humminbird electronics with the Minn Kota Terrova and i-Link. Participants bringing their own boats will receive ample time to review their boat setup, transducer locations, rigging and Lowrance setup, tips etc.

This is truly a unique opportunity to learn from some of the best walleye anglers in the state with collectively 60+years of experience.

                                                  2017 Boot Camp Kim M. With a good one

For 2018 we have decided to modify the Walleye Boot Camps to offer three events …..with two like we have done in the past and then an “Advanced level” as follows:

We will offer 2 separate two day events for a small group of six participants, similar to what we have been doing over the past several years for  anglers who have a fairly good knowledge of the basics and want to improve on their skills and abilities to find and catch walleyes.  Participants are encouraged to bring their own boats which we can critique and offer suggestions for rigging, etc. but we will fish out of our boats the two days.

This event will include time both on and off the water with Jim and Dale fishing with our boats, tackle, and gear.

These events will give you the information you should know about learning how to quickly and efficiently find walleye.  We review the basic life cycle of the walleye, their migration patterns, habits, and preferred habitat and forages.  From there we will review where to begin your search and actually spend time on the water to show you the process Jim and Dale have both learned over the years  fishing all across the country.  Then once we have found the fish, we will show you the various presentations used to put fish in the boat, from jigging, to rigging, and crankbaiting, etc.  And then how to decide when to change the presentation to put more fish in the boat.  Being versatile is a real key to being successful walleye fishing.

The feedback we have gotten from previous participants has been outstanding.  We have had participants who have gone on to win the Montana Governor Cup and also the Top Mixed Couple honors of the Montana Walleye Circuit.

Then we will offer an “Advanced Level Boot Camp” for Anglers who want to take it to the next level and compete on a tournament trail.  This will be an overall 4 day multiple event session.   We will start with a one day classroom session in the spring (March 25) to review the process and strategies on how to prepare for an event. Participants will be expected to do the legwork in preparation for the event prior to the days on the water.This will be followed up then with a three day session on the water with participants fishing out of their own boats and working through a 2 day “pre-fish” session and then the 3rd day being a mini competitive event.  Participants will be fishing out of their own boats with their own tackle and gear ….the same as if they were at a tournament event.

Tentative dates and locations for 2018 are as follows:

June 2-3,  2018 Hell Creek on Fort Peck Reservoir near Jordan, MT  This will be the similar to what we have typically been doing over the past several years.   Participants preferably have a good basic knowledge and some experience walleye fishing but want to learn more and improve their ability to find and catch walleye – wherever they go.

June 23-24,  2018 at Hell Creek on Fort Peck Reservoir near Jordan, MT.   This will be similar to what we have typically been doing over the past several years.  Participants preferably have a good basic knowledge and some experience walleye fishing but want to learn more and improve their ability to find and catch walleye – wherever they go.

June 29 – July 1, 2018 at Hell Creek on Fort Peck Reservoir near Jordan, MT.  This will be then”Advanced level” for anglers who want to pursue walleye fishing at a competitive level on state, regional or national level.   This  also includes a one day classroom session, planned for Sunday March 25, 2018 at Townsend Marine, Townsend MT.

The cost will be $600 per person for each of the first two sessions and $750 per person for the “Advanced Boot Camp”.

You are responsible for your own food, lodging, and travel.

If you plan to stay at the Hell Creek State Park 406-557-2362 make your reservations at least 9 months in advance to get a spot.   Lodging is also available through the Hell Creek Marina 406-557-2345 — although limited rooms are available and there is also the Fellman’s Motel in Jordan 406-557-2209 that would require driving in on the 26 miles of Hell Creek Road each day.

You can sign up by contacting Dale Gilbert, as a booking agent for Montana River Outfitters at 406-788-3824 or email him at MtWalleyeLLC@gmail.com – or for further information the website at www.MontanaWalleye.com will be updated to include a tentative agenda/schedule.

Since we will have limited space you are encouraged to sign up now – registrations will be on a first come, first served basis.  A 50% deposit will be required to confirm and guarantee your spot.   Deposits are generally non-refundable unless there is adequate time to find an alternate to fill the spot.

A couple of our past Boot Camp participants made this video to remember their time on the water.