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Here is a great set of videos of Justin Talley and one of his trophy walleyes that he caught and released on a recent guided trip with Captain Jim Muzynoski. The 1st video shows Justin catching the fish. It was such a beautiful day and Justin carefully fought this fish to get it boated. You will notice that we put the fish in the live well since my Lund live wells are very oxygenated. This gives the fish an opportunity to recover before we take a few photographs and release the fish. If you are going to weigh a fish, I like to put the fish in a mesh bag so the fish remains unharmed while weighing it.

On the 2nd video you will see us take some great photographs of the fish and then release it. When taking pictures, make sure the area is neat and clean and position yourself so that the sun is behind the photographer. Always watch the angler’s face so that it is not shadowed. When taking pictures and you are lower than the subject, it seems to show better. Take a few moments to plan with the subject ahead of time so that the fish is out of the water the least amount of time. If you do this, you will see as shown in the video, the fish is unharmed and quickly swims away. Good fishing.